Commodities Regulations

We advise a wide variety of clients concerning sophisticated commodities regulatory matters. We represent such clients in civil, enforcement and regulatory matters before Federal, State and self-regulatory organizations, including the CFTC, NFA and all Commodities Exchanges. We are able to bring a diverse perspective to our representation of clients in these complex proceedings and can investigate, analyze and successfully defend unique commodities regulatory issues as a result of our attorneys’ experiences on “both sides of the street.”

Furthermore, our attorneys participate as active and leading members of commodities associations (e.g. as a director and chair of the legal committee of the Commodity Floor Broker and Traders Association). In that capacity, they review and comment on proposed Federal, State and Commodity Exchange initiatives. As a result, they are able to provide clients with cutting edge, up to the minute and substantive guidance regarding any potential impact such proposed initiatives may have on a client’s present or proposed business activity.