Hedge Funds, Private Equity, SPVs & Venture Capital

We represent clients in the alternative asset space–including hedge funds, special purpose vehicles (SPVs), fund of funds, venture capital and private equity firms and the investment advisors that manage such entities (both registered as an investment advisor under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940, as amended, or exempt from the registration requirements thereof). On behalf of sponsors and investors in hedge funds and other private investment vehicles, we guide clients through the life cycle of business. In the early stages, we work with clients to select and form the optimal entity structure, both domestic and offshore. For existing clients, we leverage our securities and corporate expertise to guide clients through investments, acquisitions, contract with their investors and management of their public and privately-held portfolio companies or other fund assets. We also support hedge fund and other investors as creditors in restructurings in the event their investments face distress. Importantly, in this time of enhanced regulatory scrutiny, alternative investment firms value our established stronghold in the regulatory arena. From trading issues, reporting, ongoing governance issues to inquiries, investigations and enforcement actions by state and federal regulators and law enforcement, we bring expertise to protecting and furthering our clients’ interests.