Outside General Counsel

Very often a foreign client has little to no knowledge of the legal challenges that transactions in the U.S. entail.  From tax issues to corporate formation and governance to employee relations to regulatory compliance, from a legal perspective doing business in the U.S. can be quite daunting.  Due to the substantial volume of matters of this sort that we have worked on in the past, we have an unequalled understanding of our foreign clients’ needs which in turn allows us to effectively analyze their particular situation and advise them to ensure that they are not only legally compliant but also operating in an efficient manner.  To wit, we often act as an outside General Counsel providing legal guidance from inception to dissolution and all points in between.  In effectuating this role we bring to bear our wide network of like-minded and sophisticated professionals to ensure that even on those areas wherein we lack capability, our foreign clients receive only superlative legal advice and guidance.

Practice Contacts